Thursday, January 1, 2009

The "recap"

Well this is the time to do "new year devotions" and recap the past year, so I thought I might as well recap this year's project. I began thinking it would be cool to recreate Bible structures or scenes about mid February. By March I had determined to design Solomon's Temple, and had begun the design process, which lasted about a month. Ever since then I have scavenged all necessary white and yellow pieces from my collection, sold many lego minifigs on eBay for funding, and bought many many orders from bricklink (the eBay of Lego). Buying Lego with money made from selling Lego, has taken the rest of the year and will continue (and hopefully come to a merciful end) in 2009. The result has been observed as many pieces have come together. Currently, there are less than 20 different piece types left to order. The interior walls have gone up, the Holy of Hollies is all but finished, and much much more has been accomplished. I thank those who have given their constant support, and ask for prayer that I not get discoraged when faced with the cost that remains (the last orders are rather large). I hope you enjoyed 2008 and have a wonderful 2009, and many years to come.

Don't stop building,


One of the Wassenbergs said...

You updated!!!!


One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Thomas!!

I Can't believe you actually UPDATED!! ;) Isn't It AMZING! We can't wait to see you guys Tomorrow(Sunday)!!

His Princess,

Ps- I hope you and your family has moved in well, And every thing is ALMOST or Back to normal!

Anonymous said...

I reblogged this on my site -

found it several years ago and remembered it tonight


labokuch said...

Wow! This is awesome! I've been looking for resources to do something like. You wouldn't happen to have a set of directions on how to do this, would you?

a Lockwood said...

I might still have the cad files but no instructions.