Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sheep and pillars

The pillars are finished, along with the sheep which will be placed around the temple when it is finished.I tried a photomerge (when you take multiple pictures and splice them together) in photoshop, but my super-steady ;-) hand wasn't steady enough, and the lighting was inconsistent, resulting in the amateur and rather poorly done picture you see before you.Great news the high priest has returned for more scale comparison shots! (crowd cheers) This is just a normal picture of the two completed pillars with their capitals. Check another off the list, literally I have a really loooooong list of all the pieces I need to order. Fortunately the list can only get shorter.
This is my sheep which I adapted from some other persons pig. Yes the sheep design evolved from a pig. I think he looks rather cute, with the hands as ears, and reminds me of that veggie tales episode where the sheep kept tipping over (the feet aren't very stable).
All five of them lined up with our champion scale comparison man! I had to set this up several times because the sheep kept performing the domino effect, again bringing that veggie tales episode to mind. :-) I have five orders coming in and that will probably be it until we move in the next week or two.

Thanks for taking the ,X, number of minutes that it took you to read this out of your day (and life), I hope you found it worthwhile. :-)


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hi Thomas,
me and my friend, ,Uziel LOVE Lego and we are very interested in your
bais hamikdash(holy temple).is there any way we can contact you or
get your Email address? my email address is