Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not much new...

Couple orders have come in, the results of which, are unimpressive enough to not merit any pictures. Instead I shall describe how the 11 remaining lamp stands require 1 piece each before they are finished (YAY) the TOP, flowery part, of 1 pillar is finished. While I've been doing this time consuming, and visually unrewarding work I have made another stop motion video, this one spanning several months of on/off work mostly on weekends, and a picture I completely photoshopped (except for the people which were hand drawn and then scanned in, and colored).

The clouds, bricks, grass are photoshopped, thanks to some tutorials, and do-most-of-the-work-for-you buttons. ;-)
Heres the video, it's starwars, but I hope every one can appreciate it. I hope it's not too big. :-/

It isn't finished, and currently I don't plan on finishing it, but moving on to other better(hopefully), and brighter(hopefully) projects.