Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sheep and pillars

The pillars are finished, along with the sheep which will be placed around the temple when it is finished.I tried a photomerge (when you take multiple pictures and splice them together) in photoshop, but my super-steady ;-) hand wasn't steady enough, and the lighting was inconsistent, resulting in the amateur and rather poorly done picture you see before you.Great news the high priest has returned for more scale comparison shots! (crowd cheers) This is just a normal picture of the two completed pillars with their capitals. Check another off the list, literally I have a really loooooong list of all the pieces I need to order. Fortunately the list can only get shorter.
This is my sheep which I adapted from some other persons pig. Yes the sheep design evolved from a pig. I think he looks rather cute, with the hands as ears, and reminds me of that veggie tales episode where the sheep kept tipping over (the feet aren't very stable).
All five of them lined up with our champion scale comparison man! I had to set this up several times because the sheep kept performing the domino effect, again bringing that veggie tales episode to mind. :-) I have five orders coming in and that will probably be it until we move in the next week or two.

Thanks for taking the ,X, number of minutes that it took you to read this out of your day (and life), I hope you found it worthwhile. :-)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Could be down hill from here!!!

I was thinking today and devised a method to save a one to two hundred dollars!! I am currently figuring out how much money will be necessary to finish it, yes FINISH!!!

My method of saving money could be considered cheating, but when I'm saving over a hundred dollars I am willing to let that slide. Certain pieces had to be white due to their sides being shown, but I figured I could buy gray pieces instead (which are much cheaper and in greater quantity) and spray paint the edges white (and all the lego purists following or knowing of this blog's existence faint from horror). This could save at LEAST a hundred dollars, allowing me to finish this much faster.

Very exciting, for me at least!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Some things are finishing up

First of all I want to apologize to my super extensive (yeah right) fanbase, that I have neglected over the last two and half months.

That out of the way, the list of finished things now includes: the cows, tables, lampstands, cherubim, Ark of the Covenant, Incense altar, and 3 to 4 priests. Fortunately the list of almost finished parts now includes: pillars, basins, altar, gates, and sea. Enough yakkin bring on the pics!Muuwwwhahahaha cringe in fear before my army of cows!!!
A less intimidating shot of the twelve completed cows which will support the sea
The two cherubim and the high priest providing scale
The "feathers" on the wings are, in actuality, minifig hands.

The finished ark of the covenant. The design of the cherubim on top actually came during my morning devotional. I literally sprang out of bed and ran to build and revise the design before I forgot. So this part is rather special to me.
The altar now features a finished ramp!! Again the high priest minifig was able to spare me some of his precious time to model as a scale comparison.
These are the ten wash basins that will go around the building when finished (hopefully that's sooner rather than way later). Again I thank the high priest for his wonderful size comparison modeling.
This is of the Holy of Hollies, and has the cherubim set up on either side of the ark (kinda hard to see, but trust me it's there).
The sea, used by the priest for washing, is very close to completion, and is the first spherical thing I have built.

Here you can see more of the round structure.the high priest was busy when this shot was taken so I grabbed this guy to fill in.(the cows were at a less finished stage, explaining the mysterious absence of a head). The two rows of round things near the top are pommegranites which encircled the, sea.
The current overall shot of the interior, displaying the lampstands, tables, and wall details... it's a lot of yellow.

The last shot, the high priest has reprised his role of size comparison guy, and you get the view from a minifigure's perspective. You can see the incense altar, tables, lampstands, and you can dimly see the cherubim in the holy of hollies.

We have bought a house in Beaverdam, and we close, God willing of course, on the seventeenth(very exciting).
I originally wanted to finish this when we would be reading through the temple construction (1 kings 6), and I estimate I have a little over a month, with 26 different piece types (not individual pieces, but different kinds of pieces) left, and many of those orders with several hundred pieces. So we shall see what will happen in regard to my self appointed deadline, but as long as I finish it before I'm much older I'll be happy.

Well I congratulate you on reading this far, and glad you find reading my attempts at humor and viewing my amateur photography worth your while. Thanks for reading.