Sunday, March 22, 2009

finished Solomon's temple with pics

The goal was finish this month... I met my goal for once!!
There it is, the dimensions of the building is 20 inches wide, 38.5 inches long, and 14 inches tall.
Storage rooms are removable so you can see inside.
More storage
I made a stair case to allow access to the upper levels of storage rooms.
Here you can see the stair cases stacked over each other.
The wall decoration, tables, lampstands, and you can see the incense altar and veil.
More wall decorations.
A better view of the veil and incense altar complete with smokey incense effect, and you can glimpse the poles of the arc of the covenant protruding through the veil.
The doors in front of the holy of hollies can close in front of the curtain.
The wall detail of the holy of holliesYou can see the backs of the 15 foot tall cherubim, curtain, and hidden in all that "gold" is the ark of the covenant.
A better shot of the cherubim, the feathers on the wings being made of my favorite lego piece... The minifig hand.
Here you can see the finished ark of the covenant, the design for which came during my devotional one morning.
The entrance into the storage rooms.
A picture of the door with the upper levels of storage units removed.
The front face of the temple with the pillars and priests in front.
Looking in through the gate.
All ten water basins lined on my book shelf.And a closeup.

One of the pillars in the front.The capitals are made from robot bodies and arms, and are meant to resemble lilies.
The sea with all twelve cows/oxen supporting it. I spent 3 days straight designing the cows and the sea was my first major spherical project.
The altar could have come out smoother, but I chose this method, in the name of cheapness.
One of the sheep that will be used to make it look more scene-like.
The same priest minifigs, but I figured I need to show everything right?

This project took 13 months to complete(not counting the several weeks to get and decide to act on the inspiration), from the first step on the leocad till I placed the final roof piece on at 12:25 this morning. As for the total cost, I do not know the exact number (yet), but it exceeded $1000, and as for the piece count all I know is that it exceeded 14,000 LEGO pieces.

The dimensions can be found in,First Kings (Chapters 5-8) and 2 Chronicles (Chapters 1-7).

I thank God for all He has done, in providing the immense amount of funds and inspirations for this project.
Thanks to my pastor for his help on the dimensions and how the parts should be built.
My family and there constant support in this endeavor.
The other families who expressed interest and supported this project, and helped fuel my urge to hurry up, and finish. :-D
A thanks to all the bricklink stores and their excellent service.
And finally the LEGO company for making such an excellent and addicting product!

I hope you have enjoyed this, and that somehow this will benefit someone with there personal walk with God.

With that I bid thee good night, or depending on when you are reading this: morining, afternoon, or day. ;-)


Yes don't bother pinching yourself, slapping your face, or doing some other painful or torturous act that supposedly makes you up from a dream, because this is real!! The last order of parts came yesterday, but due to another family project that is sure to show up at "Lockwood woods," I was unable to begin building until 5:00. I then built almost non-stop (I did take a long time to eat dinner, which I finished at 9:00) till I finally finished the final pieces, and gazed at it in the pale glow of a flashlight at the bright and early (well maybe just early) hour of 12:25am.
I will post again with pictures, naturally with me sharing a room at 12:25 I couldn't take any pictures at the time.

On a side note the settings have been changed so if you don't have an account you are still allowed to post.