Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yes don't bother pinching yourself, slapping your face, or doing some other painful or torturous act that supposedly makes you up from a dream, because this is real!! The last order of parts came yesterday, but due to another family project that is sure to show up at "Lockwood woods," I was unable to begin building until 5:00. I then built almost non-stop (I did take a long time to eat dinner, which I finished at 9:00) till I finally finished the final pieces, and gazed at it in the pale glow of a flashlight at the bright and early (well maybe just early) hour of 12:25am.
I will post again with pictures, naturally with me sharing a room at 12:25 I couldn't take any pictures at the time.

On a side note the settings have been changed so if you don't have an account you are still allowed to post.

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