Sunday, July 20, 2008

No new stuff on the temple, but theres a movie. :-)

Nothing new on the temple, just trying to fund this behemoth is gonna take a loooooooooooooong time :-( , but below is a lego stop motion I made, which is completely unrelated to the temple, other than I made it, and involves legos (naturally). It took about a week to animate and photoshop all the effects, and all for a 1 min long video!! >:-(
Something kinda interesting is that the chicken leg falling from sky was all photoshoped, I actually animated that, but it came out poorly so instead, I just photoshoped the entire scene. Also in the scene where the guy is reading, the book is photoshoped to look like a "for dummies" book, but I really animated that with the guy holding a plane brown book.
The power of Photohsop!

Hopefully I will have something interesting relating to the temple soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Some finished pieces

This time instead of all unfinished works in progress, I present, Three FINISHED PIECES.

The Finished Incense altar.

The Lampstand

The Collection of all the finished things.

The Altar, sort of, now with fire effect

The pillars in progress, thankfully the colorful inside will be hidden.

The gate with cherubim decorations

This is what 1,200 some pieces looks like when it arrives at your door.

The Floor with about 800 2x2 smooth tile pieces for the floor, giving it that smooth shiny look. You can see the Incese altar, where the lampstands will be(the round discs), the tables(the gaps in the floor), the ark(the box thing behind the incense altar), and the cherubim(the two blocks beside the ark, behind the incense altar :-D )

And finally the building area. The floor has now been moved to a piece of plywood, and the grey is the perimeter of the main building.