Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Solomon's Temple update #1.

I began this project back in March. I designed the majority of it on Leocad, which allows you to build with legos on the computer. I designed for maybe a month, and began getting ready to order the pieces, (all 34,000 of them). So here are the cad pictures...
The tables and the lampstand(there will be ten)
One of the bronze pillars that will stand outside the entrance, the weird things off to the side are the petals of the lily-shaped capitals.
The main gate

The main interiorThe Ark of the Covenant
One of the wash basins(there will be ten)

The main building,featuring removable roofs for the 3 levels of storage rooms along the outside,
and removable roofs also for: the vestibule, main room, and holy of hollies.

The sea, which will be supported by twelve cows(not shown)

One of the cherubim that will stand in the Holy of Hollies

And finally, the altar that sits in front of the building.

Forgot to upload this earlier.

This is the inside of the Holy of hollies,

and this is the "outside" of the Holy of Hollies, showing the entrance, which will be in front of the veil, also note the red and orange will be yellow in the finished build.

The entire setup(with all the components) will be 3' wide, and quite-a-bit-more-than-that in length, (in other words, unknown).


One of the Wassenbergs said...

Hi Thomas,

Finally got to look at your website! How neat! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Adonai's daughter,
and the rest

Rick said...

Wow, you've been really working hard on this. It is truly magnificient!!! I had no idea how intricate this was and your blog really reveals that to the "lego uneducated" of this world. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to checking up on your progress too. Mrs. Gaston

The Rebbe Reb Mailech said...

Hey, Great work! Is there a template I can use to build a similar (lest intricate) model with my 5 year old son?