Friday, June 27, 2008

The built prototypes.

These are the prototype designs, complete with their multi-colored glory.

The offering table, will be all yellow, and there will be ten of them.

This was the original sheep design, but was rejected in favor of the one below. I did keep the head. I liked the use of the hands for ears.

The sheep, which will, naturally, be white or black(doesn't count as blemished), without the blue pieces.

Here is the High priest, a "regular" priest. I made the decals using photoshop, and applied them to the turban(a lego cook hat), body, and legs. The shoulders pieces are lego with gem stones glued on.

This was a prototype for the capitals on the pillars, and has since been replaced with a, I think, better design.

This is one of the oxen/cow, which will support the sea. In the finished build everything will be yellow.

The Cherubim, which will sit in the HOly of Hollies. You can see the hands on the wings in this picture, along with the size.

Lastly, two pictures of a designed ark. This is the final design, but in the wrong colors.

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