Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pieces, boxes, and dogs oh my!

Well this friday (8/22/08) I received 1300+ pieces in a box weighing 6 lbs. Earlier that week I got the last of the baseplates so my foundation is set. Now the walls have begun to go up!
This is the current overall/all-encompassing shot. You can dimly see the white outside wall on the far side, and you can more easily see the yellow interior walls have been set up.
You can see the inside of the holy of hollies with the partially finished gates.
No construction pics for this, but the interior walls have been started and put in place.
Here is a shot from a lego guys perspective.
This is what 1300+ pieces looks like. :-D
And this is the box the box that held the 6 lbs of legos undergoing inspection. ;-)

The difference in time between this picture...and this picture is about 3 minutes.
The two layers finished. These will be the outside walls of the storage areas.
Here you can barely see the walls stacked up to close to their full height.
One last shot of the dismal situation of the half-finished cherubim in the holy of hollies.

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