Monday, February 2, 2009

three more things finished

Actually these things have been finished for quite awhile, but school, a week of work (my fundraiser), and lazyness sprinkle with some good ole procrastination; result in this being THE very first time the completed ark(updated with longer poles), sea, and altar have EVER appeared on the world wide web!!

starting alphabetically (no guarantees it will continue that way, you have been warned), here is the completed altar. It hasn't changed much from my last pic of it, but it is "officially" finished so I figured it merited another shot, even if it was only one piece.
We also have a special guest as our scale comparison man! Give him a hearty welcome!!!

The Sea has been finished, and the army of cows has been stationed below the basin, and now resolutely bear the many gallons of water on their backs (again we have our guest providing scale).

One section (of six) of the storage levels has been finished. They will stack on top of each other
and be removable so you can see inside, although personally I don't think there will be much to see.
This seems to my recurring theme, the "overall" shot. you can see the storage levels stacked up, and I was also able to piece the roof together long enough to take a picture, as it's literally in pieces right now.

Onto the ark. The poles have been lengthened to a more accurate twelve feet(instead of eight), talking in minifig scale of course as lego doesn't make twelve foot pieces, thank goodness.

This was an amusing thought that came up as we recently studied the building of the temple.

Unfortunately to go with these three completed things I have discovered that the main room, holy of hollies, and vestibule are too short. What this means is I have to go and fix, these issues and order more parts than I previously thought. So it is kinda like going back to the drawing board, but at least I already have an outline. :-(

But it will all work out, and it will be all the more accurate when it is finished.
I'm afraid I have nothing deep or meaningful to say in closing, so goodbye and hopefully I will have more soon (and by soon I mean before the end of the moth).


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One of the Wassenbergs said...

Glad to see some more things are completed!!! :) How much more is left?

One of the Wassenbergs said...

Nice Alter!!!!!

His son,